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About Kristen 

Kristen Illes brings over 25 years of management and leadership development experience, providing her clients with in-depth industry knowledge and a full scope of tools and processes based on best practices.  For the last 10 years, she served in a senior executive role at Coro New York Leadership Center, a premier leadership development organization.  She earned her M.A. and B.A. in psychology from Marist College and is a Certified Professional in Talent Development.

Kristen is passionate about supporting the development and success of individuals, teams, organizations and ideally contributing to the greater social good.  There is nothing I love more than partnering with clients to design and implement innovative solutions that engage their people in the work and create the desired impact and results desired from their change initiatives.  I have a special interest in supporting the growth of more inclusive workplaces and addressing gender imbalance on executive teams which has been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic.  

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I care deeply about my clients and organizations. I build relationships based on trust, respect, and collaboration.  I fully partner with you to leverage your strengths and at times, challenge your thinking for the sake of progress.


I work on behalf of my client’s best interests. I believe in delivering high-quality work in partnership with my clients.


Our work together will be informed by multiple perspectives with respect to a range of stakeholders and their diversity of experience, knowledge, ideas, and strengths.


It is important to design a well-thought-out plan and be willing to adapt as learning occurs while always keeping purpose and desired impact in mind.


The goal of any client engagement is to deliver results that support your business strategy in a way that is engaging and responsive.

The Way We'll Work 

I. Assessment Phase: Practice curiosity, gather critical data, and ask questions in order to design the scope of the engagement. 

II. Planning Phase:  Share recommendations for next steps and engage the best thinking of key stakeholders in order to further customize and shape the engagement.

III. Delivery Phase:  Create a shared, comprehensive, project plan and execute next steps. This is done in collaboration with you and real-time learnings are used to adapt the plan and delivery as needed to ensure the highest quality work and desired results.

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