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Leadership Development 

I consult with senior and mid-level executives to build leadership and management bench strength.


 It is well researched that leadership development is a key differentiator of high-performing companies, as demonstrated through business growth and greater employee retention. I bring this lens to all of my work with clients.

Change Management 

Organizations evolve and grow through strategic plans, projects, and new initiatives that are actionable and durable. where there is a desired future state that is different than the current state.  


I am results-oriented. I pay attention to the proposed change to test the assumptions and thinking that underpin it so that the plan can be successful. I wed this with change management and proactively plan how to support people's adaptation of how they work to drive results.

Program Design & Training 


My approach to designing any learning experience-from team development sessions, trainings, meetings, or retreats relies on the following principles


  1. Assessment and Clarity around the desired purpose, outcomes, and process for the learning experience

  2. Integrating experiential learning into the design which increases the participant’s ability to transfer new learning to action

  3. Expertise in instructional design and operational design to ensure a holistic design and implementation process.

 Executive Coaching 

It is critical that leaders develop their self-awareness, especially about the impact of their behavior on others, in order to lead their organization or team.  We often don’t recognize the roadblocks that we are putting in our own way and engaging a coach to help expand your thinking and address challenges in a different way is a game-changer. 


Executive coaching is a foundation for a competitive edge and helps talented executives and managers through the process of growth and success with leadership competencies.


Talent Optimization is about putting the right people in the right positions and giving them the tools and training they need to succeed while making sure they feel engaged and motivated to do their best work. From hiring to employee engagement, performance management, and team building, the behavioral assessment data leads to greater self-awareness, insights, and, ultimately, action.

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“Kristen was a great facilitator!  She created a comfortable space for us to share our experiences with other business owners.  She helped us to understand our different leadership styles and appreciate not only our similarities but our differences as well.”

“Kristen really encouraged us to participate.  There was not just someone talking at us but someone who was willing to listen to us and let us share our points of view.”

“I was surprised by the intimacy fostered within the large group-how personal it felt, and how supportive the group and facilitators were.”

“The session was thought-provoking and provided each individual the opportunity for self-reflection and the necessary tools for improvement”

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