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In Their Own Words

Tokunbo Anifalaje

Brooklyn Navy Yard 

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“Kristen’s assistance was invaluable during a turning point in our training program for business owners.  We had realized that the program was missing the mark on leadership development and the insights Kristen shared helped us make this front and center.  A major reason small businesses stay small is because it’s a challenge to hire leaders that think differently than the founder.  The sessions Kristen facilitated helped the cohort members recognize that diverse thinking is a benefit to the team which will lead to stronger outcomes and results.  Kristen is also a wonderful coach and a great project manager.  She is really spot on when it comes to articulating how purpose is linked to outcomes so it all makes sense.”

Wendy Thomas 

Leadership Tulsa 

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When Leadership Tulsa received an opportunity from a major funder to take our programs and organization to the next level, Kristen Illes is who we brought in to help. Kristen helped us strengthen our program model, engage our stakeholders, and supported us all along the way as our organization changed and evolved. She became a trusted confidante and thought partner.  Today we are a more successful organization, with a much larger footprint, making more of a difference in our community than ever before.”

Dionne Baux 

National Main Street Center 

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Five years later in a new role and organization, I've taken the skills learned while working with Kristen...from how to host an engaging stakeholder meeting to facilitating an effective productive work meeting.   Thank you Kristen, you rock!!!!

Jason Loughran 

NYC Department of Veterans Affairs 

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“The Service2Service program and our team benefited greatly from Kristen’s leadership.  She facilitated a thought provoking and detail oriented program design process that thrilled our team and led to the successful program outcomes we have today. Kristen’s style, knowledge of leadership development programming and real-world examples behind the concepts she shared in the design process were extremely valuable.”

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