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When you think about the word change, what comes up for you? Do you have a “Let’s Go” or a "Let's Not" mindset?

Change is inevitable and critical for an organization's health and success, so you need it to work for you.

Kristen Illes is a Leadership and Change Management Consultant who partners with talented executives and managers to develop their leadership practices and manage change in a way that ignites innovation, human potential, and inclusion, while driving business results.


Every client is unique and each engagement will be tailored to best meet your needs with respect for your culture and a commitment to partner with, and at times challenge you, to grow and develop in order for you, your team, and your company to achieve its goals. 

I am flexible and can serve as a strategic advisor, change partner, facilitator, project manager, and/or coach.


Together, we will build a path forward by leveraging key resources, products, and services.  


    As a Certified Partner with The Predictive Index, I am uniquely equipped to help you and your team achieve new levels of success.  

   The Predictive Index or PI is the leader in talent optimization that empowers entire organizations to align their people strategy with business strategy for optimal business results.

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Leadership Development

Change Management

Executive Coaching

Program Design & Training




 “Change is the only constant in life.”

-Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

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